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Children need physical activity every day to grow up healthy. Help kids learn to be active at an early age. As they grow up, encourage and support them in their physical activities.

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Diabetes 1 and Other Things 2 Workshop

Time: 0800-1600

Location: Jacqui Shumiatcher Theater Regina Sask

Speakers & Objectives Dr. Peter Senior *describe current status and challenges in managing T1DM in Canada *Consider if our personal knowledge, attitudes and beliefs are aligned to promote optimal client centered outcomes. * Discuss potential impacts of novel tools and technologies for future diabetes management. * Identify common barriers to effective management of T1DM. * Interact more effectively with clients with Type 1 diabetes. * Discuss pros & cons of new blood glucose monitoring requirements. * Outline next steps for clinical trails of stem cell and artificial pancreas. * Discuss current status of islet transplantation in Canada. Other speakers include Kendra Townsend, and Zack Dumont For more information and registration please contact >>> Return to Calendar