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Kids learn most about being active from their families. As a parent, keep a positive attitude about physical activity. Daily family active play is important in keeping children healthy.

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Diabetes 1 and Other Things 2 Workshop

Time: 0800-1600

Location: Jacqui Shumiatcher Theater Regina Sask

Speakers & Objectives Dr. Peter Senior *describe current status and challenges in managing T1DM in Canada *Consider if our personal knowledge, attitudes and beliefs are aligned to promote optimal client centered outcomes. * Discuss potential impacts of novel tools and technologies for future diabetes management. * Identify common barriers to effective management of T1DM. * Interact more effectively with clients with Type 1 diabetes. * Discuss pros & cons of new blood glucose monitoring requirements. * Outline next steps for clinical trails of stem cell and artificial pancreas. * Discuss current status of islet transplantation in Canada. Other speakers include Kendra Townsend, and Zack Dumont For more information and registration please contact >>> Return to Calendar